НА ГЛАВНУЮ СТРАНИЦУ Manufacturer of spare parts for shuttleless looms
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 JSC PROiCO - (organized in 1995) was founded from one of the first and the largest production co-operative society in Cheboksary Ц Progress-1.
The main activity of JSC PROiCO is production of spare parts to the looms STB (shuttleless looms), produced by Tekstilimash (Cheboksary), Sibtekmash (Novosibirsk), and to the looms produced by foreign producers.

Also JSC PROiCO makes the restoration and modernization of the looms STB. During 10 years of work in the company the rich experience has been accumulated in the sphere of the phased improvement of the technologies of the production of complex, highly-accurate and the most important details. The company is highly transportable, flexible, able at the earliest possible date to reconstruct its production in case of need. Now there are more than 700 items of the spare parts, which are shipped to a customer on his first requirement. Also PROiCO produces spare parts for the looms STB and the other textile equipment.

The company is developing dynamically. Annually the company is increasing its production powers, new types of products are developing, and attention is paid to modern and highly-accurate machines. That is why part of the production is exporting abroad. Managers of the company are paying a great attention to the quality of the production. The company uses steel of the best quality which is produced by the factories Izstal, Pervouralsky newpipe factory, Gorkovsky metallurgical factory. The technological processes are constantly improving.

The production of the company has a distinguishing marking, which guarantees quality. Among the constant partners of PROiCO are the largest textile companies of Russia, Europe and Asia. The number of consumers is constantly increasing. The company has dealers.
We are always ready to mutually beneficial cooperation. Working with us, You'll make sure that JSC PROiCO - a reliable partner! We are ready to consider all Your offers.